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Sales and distribution agreement with Micfil Ultra Fine Filter

Industrial & Marine Projects (IMPRO) signed sales and distribution agreement with Micfil Ultra Fine Filter in June, 2019.

The Micfil Ultra Fine Filter company is specialized in the manufacture of fuel and oil filters with an ultra-fine filtration down to 0.5 micron and keeps oil and fuel water-free. Taking into account that standard fuel filters have mesh sizes of 10-35 microns and engine oil filters between 25-40 microns makes them insufficient for modern engines.  With the use of micfil ultrafine filters you will make sure that injectors and injector pumps, sleeves and bearings will have significantly reduced abrasion and therefore extend the life times of engines and reduces costs for running the equipment by 80-90% for spare parts and oil and save up to 3-5% of diesel fuel consumption.

The effect of using micfil Ultra Fine Filters:

  • saving up to 90% of the lubrication oil - engine, hydraulic, turbine, compressor, transmission, transformer and other types of oils;
  • saving up to 3–5% of diesel fuel consumption;
  • water removal;
  • reduction of oxidation - the TBN remains almost constant;
  • no conventional oil change required;
  • elimination of up to 98% of all bacteria in a single pass;
  • extension of the service life of the injectors and pump-injectors;
  • extended life of engines and other equipment;
  • reducing the cost of maintenance and repair of the equipment (without restriction of technic’s manufacturer warranty);