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IMPRO provides the following projects of power plant modernization:

  • fuel conversion of diesel engines from diesel to heavy fuel;
  • replacement of power plant accessory equipment for cost-efficient modern mechanisms;

  • replacement of main and auxiliary switchboard equipment;

  • replacement of automatic operation monitoring and regulation systems of the power plant or a single unit

Modernization projects include the following stages:

    1. Elaboration of Technical Requirements for power plant modernization in cooperation with the Client;

   2. Working out of design documentation for power plant modernization;

   3. Lining up and supply of the equipment requested;

   4. On-site assembly of the equipment supplied with full range of installation and commissioning works;

   5. Start-up and handover of the power plant retrofitted to the customer as a turnkey solution:

   6. Handover of the operation documents revised;

   7. Warranty and after-sales service.