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Main Features & Advantages

  • Wide range of capacities from 100.000 to 1.000.000 kcal/hr
  • Non-flareback sluice for solid
  • Waste continuous feeding available
  • Solid waste and sludge can be burned simultaneously
  • Low Diesel Oil consumption
  • User friendly PLC Touch Screen Monitor available in several languages
  • Fully automatic control
  • Easy installation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Reliability and simplicity in operation.

The purpose of a shipboard incinerator is to get rid of solid and/or sludge waste generated on board  as an environmentally friendly approach, whereas complying with the latest IMO regulations. In that sense, Detegasa’s Marine Incinerator has been type approved by the ABS on behalf of the UK and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The Delta Marine Incinerator has been upgraded to the latest technology, meeting the strictest requirements, in compliance with IMO MEPC 76(40) and amendments IMO MEPC 93(45), IMO MEPC 244(66), for burning sludge and burnable solid waste. Marpol 73/78 Annex V limits the solid waste materials that can be discharged to the sea and Annex I prohibits any discharge of oily wastes to the sea.

All these features ensure that the needs of burnable waste treatment on board are fully covered.

With more than 30 years of experience in burnable waste management systems for marine applications, turn-key solutions for in-land facilities and offshore industries, Detegasa has become one of the most trusted and leading suppliers of shipboard marine incinerator.

The reliability and easy operation of a DELTA Marine Incinerator is well known among Detegasa’s customers, due to their excellent performance and simplicity, the result of decades of experience.

Onshore located companies such as resorts, different port authorities, power plants and others, have also chosen Detegasa incinerators as the best option for their burnable waste.

Detegasa has also put special efforts during designing stage to reduce the space of its marine incinerator, knowing of the special space constraints faced in the shipbuilding industry.    

Optional features for the Delta Marine Incinerator

Bilge Water Injection System

Get rid of difficult bilges, and also increase the capacity of the unit

Remote Monitoring System

Trouble shooting quicker and easier than ever. A cost-effective diagnosis and technical support in real time

Sludge Tank

Complete with heating device, sludge circulation pump, high and low level switches, and required safety / operational valves. The tanks can be delivered for heating with steam, electricity or by thermal oil.

Loose Parts Packages for retrofit projects

Detegasa´s incinerators are of modular construction, so that they can be supplied in dismounted modules to be assembled easily on site. No parts are larger than a normal door opening. No welding work is needed: the refractory is delivered as self locking modular blocks and the incinerator body is bolted.

Diesel Oil Tank 
All tanks are complete with level indicator, high and low level switches, and required safety/operational valves. Alternatively, a Diesel Oil Booster Pump can be supplied.

Containerized and Skid-Mounted units 
Save space and installation costs choosing a plug & play solution.

Taylor-made solutions 
Based on your specific need