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Pulp & Paper


Vertical Pump


Vertical Pump in Pulp Factory, Thailand


  • Bronze bearings were replaced as they were only lasting 6 months

SXL was installed and has provided a wear life of over 2 years, 4 times the life of bronze.



  • Stock chest bearings
  • SXL bearings replaced competitive bearings that previously lasted 6 months



Pulp & Paper – Agitator

End User: Normapac Pulp and Paper, Buffalo, U.S.A.)

Application: Agitator

Installation Date: 2016


  • Normapac was having wear issues with the Teflon bearings in their agitators, where they had to replace them every 2-4 months.
  • In 2016, they switched to SXL with a cold water flush on the bearings. As of today they have had no problems since then.

Normapac is replacing the bearings in their agitators as they become due for repair.