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Low voltage switchgear VEDA 5000



 The VEDA-concept matches the needs of fieldbus-based automation solutions, using either bus connected I/O automation modules or intelligent bus connected control components.


Thanks to the extractable cassette system, the system can be modified according to the available space and user preferences. The spare space is also easily utilised.


The simple structure makes maintenance significantly faster and easier. In the cassette systems, the cassette door can be opened and maintenance procedures, such as replacing a fuse, can be performed while the cassettes are still in operational position.


The VEDA-system comprises of lower and upper cross-members, and vertical frame members. This simplified modular structure improves costeffectiveness of the delivery and in all stages of use.


The spreading of the arc is effectively prevented: the incoming feed unit and the main bus bars are separated from each other and other compartments. The existing effective cooling can be improved further with a ventilation cassette.

Technical data

For technical data see the downloaded brochure.